Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mission (Im)possible

Just a short note really that the Toronto Short Story contest closes today at 5 pm.  I entered two years ago (at least I think so) with the short story version of Straying South (incidentally the first piece of mine accepted for Sing-for-your-Supper).  This year I translated Finding Mr. Mouse (another SFYS piece) into a short story.  I think it works fairly well, though naturally it is extremely dialogue-heavy.

I ran over after work on Monday, but turned up around 7:30.  The building is supposedly only open until 7 pm.  I was pretty sure if I tried to get back on Tuesday over lunch, something would come up and I would miss out.  (And it seemed already too late to try to mail it, though perhaps they are working off the date posted rather than date received.)

I was lucky in that someone came out just as I was looking around for an alternate entrance, and I got into the lobby.  The security guard was totally blas√© and told me where to drop off the packet.  A bit anticlimactic,* I suppose, but I'm glad it went in.  It would be great to win, but I think that's unlikely.

In terms of my other creative writing, I am sort of splitting my time between Final Exam and The Study Group.  When those are done, I think I'll type up my notes for Straying South and see if I can write the next section or two and start getting that wrapped up.

* Maybe I should have mentioned that I managed to get my finger caught in the lid when I opened the box to drop off my envelope, but fortunately it wasn't really stuck.  That would have been too humiliating.

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