Saturday, March 25, 2017

Getting involved in the scene

I haven't quite decided to take the plunge, but I'll probably join the Writer's Group that is associated with Toronto Cold Reads.  I wouldn't go so far as to say Toronto Cold Reads is a closed shop where only the associated writers have their scripts read on Sunday, but it clearly helps to be in the in group, since they come up with interesting writer challenges, such as the Three-Fest where three writers collaborate on three scripts, which are then put up.  I would say that Toronto Cold Reads seems less open than Sing-for-your-supper, however, in terms of how decisions are made about what goes up.  (And looking back a couple of years, I was definitely feeling a bit alienated from SFYS, so my moods and attitudes towards these groups are definitely changeable...) All that said, given the number of projects I do want to bring to a conclusion, joining a writer's group is probably a smart thing to do.  I got a lot of benefit from writing groups in the past, and in general the one here seems to be a fairly active and talented group.

In any event, while I haven't quite been able to pull off a reading of my work here (aside from SFYS and that time I did 1000 Monkeys at Red Sandcastle), I am meeting more actors and even a director or two who have some interest in my plays, so I think this may be the year I break through.  But I also need to devote more time and a lot more effort to this if I want to make it happen.  Nothing just falls in your lap.  In terms of making that effort, I did submit a pitch to a theatre festival (in this case I submitted the first 1/3 of the "Final Exam" script, but I really ought to finish it soon) and I am going to be sending in a different pitch for a theatre company that wants to work with four writers throughout the season to develop their pet projects.  In the latter case, I would use the opportunity to wrap up the Straying South project, which I have outlined here.  I'm not really sure which of the two would excite me more, though probably Straying South would have better long-term prospects.  Anyway, I will definitely take time this weekend to work on both projects.

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