Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cold Spell

As almost everyone in North America knows, it has been really frigid in the Upper Midwest and Canada this year.  I know other places in Canada like Calgary and Edmonton and Ottawa are colder, but it is darn cold in Toronto.  It hit -22 C a few days ago.  Today I guess it got up to -7 C.  When I went out to get groceries it was probably colder than that, but it did seem to warm up a bit.

I really, really didn't want to go out again, and I had pretty much given up on going to the gym.  However, the grocery store was missing a few things I needed, so I reluctantly went back out to the mall, which has a different grocery store, and I decided to go to the gym after all.  On the whole, I'm glad I did, though I don't think I can get above two visits a week if this cold don't break.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be -15 C, and I'm not going out for any reason, other than to crack the door and pick up the paper!  I might go out just a bit on Monday, but I don't think anywhere I want to go will be open anyway.  It then gets back up to -6 C or so for a few days, but Thurs. and Friday will be -15 C or even worse.  I think I will make the pitch that we should be able to work from home on those days.

There really isn't much left for me to do tonight other than bundle up and read (and work on my Fringe script!), though I may get a bit more done on the quilt if I am feeling inspired.  It's coming along well, though a bit more slowly than I had hoped, mostly because I do have to rotate many squares after all.

Stay warm, everybody!

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