Sunday, December 10, 2017

Japanese texiles at the Textile Museum

I had put off this trip for a few weekends, but I decided I really needed to go soon, since my free pass from the library was expiring soon.  So, after breakfast, my son and I set off for the Textile Museum.  (The downside of procrastination was that it was fairly cold out today.)  It had been a while since my last visit, and I forgot which cross street it was on, but eventually I found it.

The more impressive exhibit is the one on Japanese textiles (mostly kimonos in fact).  This exhibit runs about another month.  Not all my photos turned out that well, but these give a bit of a flavour of the exhibit.

Detail of the dragon cloth

It was a brief, but nice visit.  I did pick up one ornament in the gift shop.  (Oddly enough it is made of metal, not fabric...)

We went over to the AGO, which was fairly empty.  We did a very quick pass through the Del Toro exhibit, then saw some of the other galleries.  I was surprised to see that they finally changed the hall off of the main entrance.  It mostly has prints by Bonnard and Toulouse-Lautrec now, which are interesting, but some of my favourite paintings now seem to be in storage.  I'm glad that they finally have put one smaller room to better use (than the frankly terrible two modern paintings it hosted), though I wonder if perhaps they could have mixed it up a bit more (rather than devoting the entire room to Canadian painters, given that Canadians so dominate the 2nd floor).  We didn't stay too long, but it was still a good visit.  I saw that they did have the Janvier catalog at the gift shop for $40 (and I'd get a 10% members' discount), though that is still a bit more than I want to pay, so I'll keep my eyes out at BMV in another couple of months.

Back home we finally put up the outside Xmas lights.  I was thinking perhaps of putting up the indoor tree, but I think I ought to wait until everyone has gotten over their colds and there aren't as many germs going around the house, so perhaps this Friday (fingers crossed).  I got a bit of work done, but still more to do.  And I did sew together the first three strips of the quilt.

While there is a lot of work left to do on this, I think it may come together a bit faster than the first one, since it does have some areas you can save some time.  Anyway, I'll see how I am feeling about it in another week or two...

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