Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Missing Day Off

It's getting close to year's end, and, for some of us, that means checking to see if all our vacation is rolling over or if we are going to lose days.  In my case, I had two personal days that I had to use, plus about three days of excess vacation and lieu time that won't roll over.  So that meant I had to take a few days off without really having a plan on how to use them.

Monday was my first day off.  However, because two deadlines to submit abstracts crept up on me, and I only got a moderate amount done on them over the weekend, that meant I really was working yesterday, but on my own dime.  I'm not happy about it when that happens.  However, I did manage to get the abstracts in on time.

I did a little bit of reading and a bit more sewing, but I didn't go to the movies.  And I certainly didn't laze around, as I had hoped.  Then today I had to wake up early to shovel snow!  I'm hoping that Friday I can succeed a bit more in actually relaxing.

Anyway, I now have 100 of the squares for the quilt cut out, and 30% of them are sewn in with another 60% sewn on one side only.  Again, this was the trade-off of having to do less unstitching to get the loops to line up properly.  It's going relatively fast, but it is too early to predict when it will actually be finished.  I should have some of the full strips pieced together and then sewn together lengthwise tomorrow, and then the pattern will really start emerging.  Exciting.

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