Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pandas - running out of time

I meant to actually put up photos of the visit, but they are stored away where I can't access them right now.  So this will just be a quick note that this is the last weekend that the pandas (and especially the 2 panda cubs) are on view at the Toronto Zoo.  The adult pandas were eating bamboo, and the cubs were sleeping, and that is probably what you would see if you visit.  Anyway, it's best to go fairly early and go to the panda pavilion first.  It might be a bit warmer this weekend, but it's still chilly so bundle up.  We also liked the Tundra Trek, since the polar bears and arctic wolves were in their element.  The excursion to the Canadian animals was not worth it -- the grizzly bear display is completely closed, and we didn't even see the moose.  My guess is this will be our last visit for quite a while, and we are more likely to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo on our next Chicago trip.  I'll see about getting the photos up soon.

I also am planning a post on books turned to movies, but that will have to wait. However, I should mention that there are only two more days to catch Brown Girl Begins (based on Nalo Hopkinson's novel, Brown Girl in the Ring).  It's at the movie theatre at Dundas and Yonge.  Some details here: BGB.  As I said, more later.

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