Saturday, October 7, 2017

Quilt Completed!

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had completed the quilt top and I dropped it off to someone in Mississauga that specialized in longarm quilting.  It arrived a few days ago.  I was so excited, but due to attending a bunch of theatre events, I hadn't had a chance to look it over.  I only had a snapshot of what it looked like on the frame.

I talked to my daughter, and her preference was to wait until Christmas!  (I think she gets some of this tolerance for delayed gratification from me.)  Anyway, I thought I really had better take a look at it just to make sure there were no obvious problems.  She reluctantly agreed, and we opened the box today.  Here she is sort of hiding under the quilt. (You can see the pattern much better on the backing, which is the solid blue area to the right.)

While I do see a very few places I'll have to trim some threads and perhaps tie off a few more knots, it does look quite nice.  I did expect it to be a bit fluffier.  I'm sure it will be reasonably warm, but it would just supplement and not replace a blanket in the winter time.  Anyway, I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to attempt to quilt the entire thing.

I have a few other tasks to do (aside from straightening out my music collection), such as finishing this sock monkey from a kit that my daughter won a few weeks back.  I'm closing in on it, but I haven't been feeling too inspired lately.  (Also, she kind of lost interest in it.  For a while, she was doing a big chunk of the sewing, but now it is all back to me...)

When this is done, maybe then I will cut out the fabrics for my son's quilt and see if it will go just a bit faster (than the first one).  Still I told him there was no guarantee it would be ready by Christmas.  Fortunately, he is understanding and can be patient as well.

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