Friday, October 6, 2017

Stellar fall season

I've discussed The Aliens (at Coal Mine) at some length and briefly talked about The Fish Eyes Trilogy at Factory.  I suspect I will come back around to a more in-depth post on Fish Eyes later this weekend.  I thought Waiting for Godot was worth seeing, even though it wasn't the best production I've seen.  There is apparently a spin-off play at Theatre Passe Muraille called Let's Go: A G_dot Prequel which runs through this weekend.  I may go, though I am a bit exhausted from all the theatre.  I would definitely recommend both The Aliens and The Fish Eyes Trilogy, though I suppose if you could only go to one, I would plump for The Aliens, though it closes this weekend!  So many great choices this season!

Another quite amazing show (which I almost passed on) is Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Hart House.  There's a show tonight at 8 (which admittedly would be hard to get to) and one on Sat. at 8.  There may also be a 2 pm show on Sat.  I thought they did a fantastic job.  When Hedwig is singing in her female persona, the performer seemed to me just as good as the one on the cast album, and when singing as Tommy (and/or Hansel) the performer was actually better.  It is an edgy show and definitely not for everyone.  One of the more amusing (and a bit disturbing) moments is when Hedwig comes all the way out to row L or M and says, "You didn't think I'd make it back this far, did you?"  I think it's unlikely that Hart House recorded this (professionally at least), but I'd be willing to splurge on a Bandcamp release (hint hint).  I would say that overall, it probably makes the most sense to watch the show live (the best choice!) or the DVD rather than the album, as most of the plot, such as it is, is conveyed in between song patter that isn't on any of the soundtracks.

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