Saturday, October 21, 2017

Reliving the 80s- Psychedelic Furs Tour

I mentioned a couple of times that the Psychedelic Furs were coming to town.  We saw them in a sold out show at Danforth Music Hall.

We got there around 8:15, about halfway through the opening act Bash & Pop (apparently this is a project by the bassist from The Replacements).  It was very loud and not very interesting, so we just hung out in the lobby.  It definitely seemed like something was off with the band, and they ended at 8:30, which is extremely short for an opening act.

At that point we went in and got our seats (we were upstairs with the rest of the "old" people).  My seat was actually quite wet (probably from spilled beer), and I complained about it.  At the very least, I wanted a towel or something to sit on, but they actually got us new seats closer to the front of the balcony, so that worked out reasonably well (though I still had to wash my jeans when we got home...).

I was hoping they would move up the set by a few minutes, but no such luck.  In any case, the show kicked off with "Dumb Waiters" and the fourth song in was "Pretty in Pink," so obviously they weren't going to be playing it coy.  This was a tour that was all about the hits from the 80s.  Indeed, the setlist seems to be pretty much identical at all the venues, though Boston got a shortened version for some reason.

I actually had seen them once before in New York in 2001, and I can't really recall the show, though I'm sure they were mostly playing the hits (and the singer had a purple boa or something that he kept flinging around).

I realized that I basically only know the Furs songs from the compilation All of This and Nothing, which came out in 1988.  In addition to not having anything from their final 2 CDs, it doesn't have "Mr. Jones" on it.  So I simply wasn't aware of some of the songs they sang.  I thought "Mr. Jones" was pretty good.  I think my favorite song from the "newer" albums was "Until She Comes."

Probably the single best performance of the night was "The Ghost in You."

Here is the first encore: Sister Europe followed by India.  Incidentally it was shot much closer to where we were sitting.

I thought that they had put on a great show, but was just a bit bummed that they hadn't done "President Gas."  Just as I was mentioning this to my wife, they ran back on stage for the second encore and belted it out.  So far no one has posted a clip of this, but if it goes up, I'll add that to indicate how the night ended.

Actually, I have found one with terrible video but the audio isn't too bad.

As a side note, throughout their early career, the Furs could play this song knowing that there was a fairly lousy Republican President in the White House.  Then when I saw them in 2001, it was W. (who while not a windbag was a terrible President).  And of course now Trump who wins worst President hands down.
So sad...

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