Saturday, October 28, 2017

Seven Siblings at Attic Arts Hub

It was really a bit of a last minute decision, but I ended up suiting up and biking over to Attic Arts Hub.  While I did enjoy myself, I hope that I don't regret it tomorrow in terms of my throat still being sore and not really healing up.

It was definitely a gamble, as the time had passed to get the tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, but I thought there was a chance I could get in.  I'd say my lifetime record for getting into sold out shows (and/or rush tickets) is about 70%.  And it definitely helps that Attic Arts Hub is about a 10 minute bike ride from my place.  If it had been on the west end, I wouldn't even have considered it.

As luck would have it, there were quite a few extra seats tonight for New World.  The last shows of the festival are all tomorrow, and I've heard that quite a few people are going, so it might be tough getting tickets, but here is the link if you want to see what's available for Sunday.  I talked very briefly to the artistic director, mostly to get a sense if they will do this next year (and in which case I will probably submit an extended version of The Re-Up).

I thought the Attic Arts Hub was a decent space, kind of like a loft space, so you couldn't do anything too elaborate in terms of a set, but it was a fairly open space.  Thus I didn't feel claustrophobic or all pressed up next to anyone as at the Assembly Theatre.  I could potentially switch the setting of The Study Group to an attic (rather than a basement) if the guy running the Kensington Market space decides not to renew his lease.  Also, Straying South is all set in a loft, and that could potentially be staged there, so I will consider that more seriously, but really only if I can hook up with a theatre company.  Self-producing is just too much of a gamble these days.

Anyway, on the whole it was worth going out, but now I have to rest up, then see how I feel in the morning.  Being sick sucks...

P.S. Now it appears that I waited too long to get tickets for the Art Bus.  Either it is truly sold out (not very likely) or it is just too late to get tickets through the system.  In this case, though, I think it would be too much of a risk to show up and try to get on the bus.  I will take this as a sign from the universe that I should rest up more, and then in early Nov. I will just rent a car and drive out to Kleinburg (and hopefully the leafs will still be turning their fall colours).  Driving there certainly will give me more control over how long I spend at the McMichael.  All that said, I still hope the Art Bus was enough of a success that they bring it back next summer.

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