Sunday, June 21, 2015

Moving Day - Day 0

Moving day is here (at least for the furniture)!

Almost all the other stuff is moved, but then you say that and realize you still have boxes and boxes of random crap left behind. I have a confirmation from the movers, but it is from a week or so ago. I've written down their number, so that after the computer goes down (in about 15 minutes) I can call if they are late.

I still have about 3 hours to pack up the last of the art books, and to empty out or to clean off the top off anything that is going. I also need to unplug all the modems and TV boxes and such. So we'll be going dark for the day. (Now that I think about it, I probably should see if I can book the car one more time in the late evening to grab things that are too loose for the movers to move, but after a bit more reflection I decided we would be spending almost all night unpacking, so I booked it for Monday evening.)

I feel quite badly as my wife overdid it yesterday and has pulled a muscle. I am certainly weary from the move, but haven't hurt myself (so far anyway). I think in general it will be ok, though we were originally supposed to have thunderstorms in the afternoon. If it is late afternoon, we should be done, so there is a bit of beat the clock going on. Though I just checked the weather again, and it suggests the danger has passed. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Anyway, it may be a day or two before I really feel like posting about how moving day actually went. Wish us well!


The movers showed up 10 minutes early and were quite pleasant to work with (important on such a stressful day).  I think we had done a pretty good job of getting everything ready, though I was still boxing up stuff in the basement while they were getting the furniture out.  Everything (just) fit in the 20 foot truck, though that would not have been the case had I not moved all the boxes of books out over the previous couple of weeks.  I'm sure it also helped that I had moved the kids' beds over on Friday evening.

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