Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Move - Day 6

Work hasn't really let up (not that I expected it to) and I have found that I don't have much energy to unpack in the evenings.  In fact, I came pretty close to collapsing from exhaustion on Thurs., and ultimately I slept in (just a bit) and worked from home.  However, I really was working, not lazing around.  I've been in almost non-stop phone calls over the past two days, all related to technical matters, which means that I couldn't zone out.

I have done a fair bit of straightening out of the old house, and today I think I will rent a bigger car and get the last of the stuff over here (the bikes, the paintings and a few last random boxes).  I'll probably take the opportunity to drive over to Canadian Tire and get a replacement wardrobe (unless my wife decides she can live with one without doors!).

I really ought to see if I can staple up this tarp before it starts raining, but I think that window has passed, and I'll just have to work in the rain (after I return the car).

Anyway, I did take advantage of the fact that the books aren't up on the shelves to arrange the CDs and DVDs that lie behind them on the shelves.  This is probably the most organized they have ever been.  I actually took the time to generate a spreadsheet-based key to locating where certain things were.  This may not actually inspire me to watch the silly things (rather than just hoard them), but it will probably help a bit.  It looks like I have turned up all the key DVDs, aside from Fellini's La Dolce Vita (which I pulled after hearing of the death of Anita Ekberg back in January, but then never got around to watching!) and Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

I will need to figure out what to do with the overflow CDs.  I'm planning on putting up one more shelf in the back room, and anything that can't fit on that will have to be sold off (ideally) or go into deep storage in the basement (the more likely outcome).

I do think this evening I can make significant progress in unpacking the art books, but then I will need to spend at least some time Sunday catching up with work-related tasks.  I think my biggest headache right now is that the people who said they would take the shed and the spare file cabinet are starting to flake out on me.  Truly, I never had this much trouble giving things away (or just charging a nominal fee in the case of the shed) when I was in Chicago.

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