Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Move - one week on

We've actually made pretty good progress.  I guess it helped that the weather was so terrible that we skipped the work picnic, and instead went down to get our addresses changed on the driver's licenses.  Since this is a booth inside of Canadian Tire of all things, we went ahead and bought a replacement wardrobe.  So that will be my Canada Day -- taking apart the old one and building a new one.  If there is still time, and it isn't raining I'll put the outdoor table up as well.  We never actually used that though we owned it for a year!

It kind of looks like the rain may finally be over for the weekend.  That would be nice.  I had the idea of stapling up a tarp on the underside of the deck so that there was some outdoor storage space for the chairs, the movers, the bikes, etc.  During the winter it can come in, but it would be nice to leave it outside the rest of the time.  In general, it seems to be working, but there are a few places where the water pooled and I wasn't able to channel the water out (so far).  So the execution needs a bit more work.  It would have been a lot better to test this on a day with a gentle rain, and not the near deluge we just had.

I've managed to put up 3 posters (and one other one is out of harm's way being framed professionally up the street).  I got all the art books back up on their respective shelves, and things are much less chaotic.  However, I need to get twine to tie down all the empty boxes, as at the moment, it does look like an episode of hoarders down in the basement.  (That was my wife's contribution.  On the other hand, she somewhat grudgingly admitted that if we had moved on the 27th, which was her original preferred date, then we would have been up a creek without a paddle.)

I actually did find La Dolce Vita in a box this morning, though Do the Right Thing is still proving elusive.  I'd definitely like to get the majority of the fiction/drama/poetry up on the shelves tonight, but I may have just a bit too many other obligations.  And then I need to work on the basement.  I guess we'll see how it all goes.

Update (6/29): I spent about 3 hours at the old place and think I have gotten it in pretty good shape.  Everything to be moved is on one floor (the main floor).  It looks like about one last car trip to move over here.  Everything has been swept up, though it probably wouldn't hurt to have a professional team go through the place.  Far too much work for us to do that, however.  My allergies have been acting up like crazy and I don't feel all that well.  I wonder if it is a combination of really high levels of pollen plus inhaling dust while doing the cleaning/sorting at the old place.  I didn't get quite as far as I wanted unpacking books here, but I got through two boxes.  Nonetheless, all the main furniture is finally in place, and we have a pretty good sense of how things will look.  It's very snug, but I think it will work out ok.  I do need to find a place to sell off the CDs and DVDs that I have decided to part with.

Overall, the move is already starting to feel like it paid off, though I think I need my bike back to get back into the commuting groove to see how I feel about the new bike route. (There's quite a steep hill, and unfortunately it is downhill in the morning and uphill in the evening, when it would be far better if that were reversed.)  I guess you can't have everything...

On a more serious note, I probably will be glad down the road that we are at a higher elevation, not that I am really expecting Lake Ontario to rise by several feet.  What is of more interest is whether they actually do build a subway or GO Rail station right around Gerrard Square.  While this might come to pass, it won't be soon enough to actually improve my work commute, as I will probably have retired by the time any such station opens.

Update 2 (6/30): After a somewhat frustrating evening (boo to and their incompetent employees with a special shout-out to my incredibly selfish, former neighbour), I have officially emptied out the old house, leaving only one broom.  My wife will do one last pass tomorrow to ensure I didn't miss anything and bring the broom back.  We'll drop off the keys in the evening.  Hard to believe we are finally done...

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