Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Move (t-minus 14 days and counting)

I was able to move the wire shelving over yesterday and assembled today, but then it got caught on the ceiling as I tried to put it in place.  I actually left it jammed there, and then later came back with a hacksaw and trimmed off 2 or 3 inches and it fit pretty well.  I am quite nervous about this other bookcase.  While I believe it is 2 inches shorter and it is going to a part of the basement where the ceiling is roughly another inch higher, it could easily get jammed on the 21st, and it will be much harder to fix.

I am trying to move this desk/bookcase unit they left in one of the bedrooms, and it is unbelievably heavy.  Maybe this is karma for the things I left behind when we moved from the South Loop and didn't clean everything out.  We kind of left in a rush from England as well, though in that case I actually did get a bill, including for some things that the movers packed and took, even though I clearly said they were to be left.  I have to say that experience in England left me with an impression that I will never shake that anything built or constructed in the UK is of just unbelievably shoddy quality.

Anyway, I even bought a dolly to help move this unit, and it is starting to come apart in unusual ways, so I actually have to break it down into smaller pieces and then reassemble it.  I am not thrilled about this, which is putting it mildly as it has added at least another day to the time I need to get the new place ready.

I was able to anchor the large CD rack, though it isn't quite as stable as I would like.  It should be a bit better when full of CDs, which I should be able to do tomorrow.  And I think I've done a pretty good job of getting the shims in place for the main bookcases.  I don't want to overload them, but next week I'll start getting some stuff up on the shelves and out of the living room.  So it was a relatively productive weekend, though as always I wish I had gotten more done.

We've sort of sketched out what the living room/dining room might look like, and it seems that it might just come together to allow us to move the living room stuff nearer the fireplace.  (That's the way one would normally configure this space, but the dimensions are so odd that the previous owners had things reversed.)  It's a bit less clear about the main bedroom, but we'll probably be able to fit everything in.  After the movers are done with the furniture, we'll still have one more week to grab random things left behind.  In general, things seem to be on track.  Not the best or simplest move, but far from the worst.

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