Thursday, May 12, 2016

How should I relax?

This is perhaps more reflective than many of my posts.  Today was a very strange day, with a mix of good and bad elements, though when I got home I found that I had let down my daughter by not coming home in time to make it to the art show at her school.  I feel quite dreadful about this, but no one reminded me in the morning or put it on my calendar.  I'm particularly annoyed because I might have been late in any case, but I agreed to review a colleague's half-assed paper, and I could have just as easily done it from home.  So on the whole, this feels like a pretty shitty day, even though I did make a bit of progress in advancing/improving transportation policy in Toronto.  I mean that is why I am here after all.

I am not finding reading relaxing enough.  It is too rare to come across a book that really engages me and amuses me sufficiently.  I suppose I could go for a ringer, like rereading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  That's certainly not a bad idea.

While I find sewing sometimes rewarding, it can be incredibly frustrating during the actual sewing, esp. when sewing curtains, which is my current task.  I should just push on with this and get it over and then sew some easier things (at least with thinner material).

Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who gets much of a positive chemical rush after exercising.  I push through because I feel I have to, and clearly I succeed the most when I make it part of my day that I can't avoid, i.e. I biked to work, so I have to bike home.  But I just hate exercise, and I always have.  I don't care much for gardening either.

What I would find relaxing is going to the hot tub or sauna after swimming.  I liked that quite a bit in Vancouver.  Unfortunately, the recreation centre near us is really sub par.  The lane swim times are far too constrained, and there is no sauna or hot tub at all.  It's so fricking depressing...

I have to admit, I am pretty much at a loss for what to do to relax.  But I have to figure out something.  Work is definitely going better on the whole, but I am still wound too tight both there and at home.  It's not a good feeling, that's for sure.

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