Sunday, May 29, 2016


It seems that summer has snuck up on us.  While it is technical still spring, the temperatures jumped dramatically.  My office was particularly unpleasant, as they couldn't get the climate control working, and it was over 26 Celsius inside on Friday.  Needless to say, it was hard to focus and have our various meetings.  Slipping out for iced coffee or other cold drinks was fairly common in the afternoon.

Saturday, it got to 28 or so.  We were shepherding 6 kids from the neighbourhood to and from Withrow Park. Our main fear had been that it would rain on the day, not that it would be so hot.  I was only able to convince a few to put on sunscreen.  With only a minor mishap or two we managed to get them to the park, let them run around for an hour (while we were lounging in the shade) and bring them back.

I would have preferred to lounge around for a while like the idlers in Turgenev's A Month in the Country for example, but I also wanted to get a few things for the garden, and the garden shop nearest us is only open Saturdays until 5pm and is completely closed on Sunday.  (It is crazy how much business they are throwing away with these hours...)  I picked up some purple sage and a miniature lilac bush.  I am more confident in the sage out in front.  I put the lilac in the back and it may not get quite enough sun, but I guess we'll see.

It was certainly a lot more digging than I wanted to do in the hot sun, but so far I am pleased with the results.  In general, the flowers in the front are fairly low maintenance, and I'll just need to keep an eye out on the lilac in the back.

Purple sage in bottom left corner



After this, I really was fairly wiped out, and I crashed for a couple of hours.  I got a few things at the store and then went to bed early.  Just not used to the heat.

I'll try to be a bit more productive today, including typing up a short scene that was inspired by a team exercise.  I'm also going to head out (probably cycling) to catch Sheets, which is the last show that will be put on by Videofag, at least via that venue.  I'll try not to push myself too hard, since it will be another hot day, though it probably won't be quite as hot.  It may rain very briefly as well in the afternoon, which should help a bit.

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