Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Inside the New Venue

As mentioned here, my Fringe production, Final Exam, is taking place at Matty Eckler in East York (Gerrard and Pape) in the first two weeks of July.  I'll be linking to the Fringe schedule once it is out.

I had a chance this morning to go by and double check on a few things.Things are coming together, which is good, as I have been stressing a bit over it lately.

Here is the outside again, looking a fair bit like a school.

Here is the inside (notice the very useful white board).


It would be ideal if the desks were smaller and the students/audience could sit at them, but they are so big that I think we'll only keep the one for the teacher.  That is one area where Danforth would have been better, but that's ok.  I also have decided that I will make Ms. Renard (the second teacher in the play) a music/art teacher rather than a math/science teacher as originally envisioned.

I'm running a bit behind on script revisions, so I'll stop here for now.

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