Sunday, May 6, 2018

Slowed-down Sunday

This is the first weekend that I am not running around like a madman.  I actually was fairly busy on Sat., but I still stayed fairly close to home.  I found out at the very last minute about a play at Assembly Theatre that sounded interesting, and I suppose I could have rushed off at 6:30 (and just made the 8 pm start), but I don't like going all that far, especially in the evening.  I'm already going to have to go that way Monday evening, and once per week is plenty.  If they had a Sunday matinee, I probably would have gone, but they didn't.

It's a slightly tougher decision to skip TCAF this year.  I go most years, but don't want to spend that much money, and it probably will start raining just about the time I turn up at the Reference Library.

Hold the horses, TCAF is next weekend!  Perhaps the date should be on the posters...  

Maybe I will go after all, especially as I have a Sat. matinee show at Soulpepper, so if the weather is nice I can bike to these various locations.  Anyway, this just confirms my decision not to head out today.

I do have some final edits to make to the script.  I probably will swing by the gym, and I have a fair bit of academic work to tackle, so it's not like this is a lazy Sunday, just not one where I am running around all over the place.  Maybe this evening I will even work a bit on my son's quilt, which has been on hold for quite a while now (as I was dealing with a bunch of deadlines). 

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