Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Seat stolen!

This is so unbelievably frustrating.  I had the seat stolen off my bike yesterday.  This not the first time it's happened.  It happened in Chicago as well, after which I said I would never get a quick-release seat again.  So the thief actually had to take the time to loosen the bolts in front of Union Station.  Bold. 

What makes this so particularly strange is that this seat had a two inch tear in it, and I was planning on replacing it soon.  And that they left me with a different seat, which doesn't have a tear.  So it's sort of like a trade-up (and maybe since it looked like a repair they were easier in their minds about being so bold in a public place), but I think the real issue is that the seat was very wobbly on the post.  So they really wanted a post with tighter screws.  I may or may not be able to reuse the seat, but I'll certainly have to replace the post.

Anyway, it is a huge inconvenience, which made me late to the taping of the Stageworthy podcast (details about that soon), and it really spoiled the end of the day.  I just wish people would leave stuff alone if it wasn't theirs.  It only takes a few people to spoil everything (graffiti, tossing trash on streets).  This general asymmetry (along with the general increase in entropy over time vs. the energy it takes to fight entropy) explains why public spaces are often so run down.

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