Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The mystery deepens

It turns out that my co-worker had his seat stolen/swapped as well.  In the end, he had my post and seat, though I didn't have his.  He still was willing to swap, as the seat was better.  Mine had a rip.  So someone went to the trouble of swapping at least 3 or 4 bike seats and posts.  Maybe they thought it was a funny April Fool's Day gag, but it was a total d-bag move (and in the end, my co-worker still lost his seat and got a worse one in exchange).  Don't touch stuff that doesn't belong to you.  It isn't really that hard to follow.

When I got home (I did bike home, but had to go more slowly than usual, since I hadn't brought a change of clothes, since I didn't expect to be able to resolve the bike issue until Wed.), I finally changed the seat for one I had bought last year.  That felt like a decent accomplishment, since it isn't something that I had ever done before.  I also did a bit more weeding, so the yard doesn't look great, but at least it isn't full of weeds.  That was pretty much all I accomplished, though I did run through the script for Final Exam one more time, as the first full rehearsal is today!  Hope it goes well.

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