Saturday, June 30, 2018

Many tasks (on a hot, hot day)

It was so crazy hot today!  What makes it even worse is that our AC went out about two weeks ago.  It took a while to get someone to look at it, then they said it was just too old (25+ years old) and that they couldn't fix it.  I'm honestly not sure if we will replace it, since I am basically opposed to AC on environmental grounds.  So of course, this Canada Day weekend decided to get up to these crazy temperatures, so that even indoors with the lights off and the fans going, it was just miserable.  I suppose if summers just keep getting worse (and they are certainly likely to), then at some point I'll have to relent (and of course make things worse for the planet in my own small way).

Anyway, we went over to the mall early and got a few last props for the play (a nurse's mask, some make-up and shoes for my son's costume).  I went to a different shoe store and got some new gym shoes, since I had worn the other pair out.  I may even be able to go jogging in these.  And we got a few groceries on the way back.

After lunch, we went up to the Danforth, and I managed to leave a big poster and a few postcards at Circus Books.  Then postcards at the bike store (where I also pumped up my tires) and at Book City (where they had taken a small poster already).  I really didn't place too many of the large posters, but I was pretty active in putting the smaller ones up along Danforth, Gerrard and Queen.  I think I've kind of done what I can to publicize the Fringe show.  I'll just have to hope buzz (and a review or two) is good and we sell more tickets for week 2 (week 1 isn't too bad in terms of sales).

I picked up some dry cleaning and crashed for a bit.  Finally, I went back to the mall, mostly to go to the gym.  Interestingly, the mall was air conditioned but the gym wasn't (they were just running big fans).  It looks like I have locked in 25 pounds lost (in fact it was closer to 30, but some of that was probably just water loss).  The first 10 pounds were easy, but the next 15 really were hard.  I am hoping it will be easier again now, especially as I am eating better.  I can certainly fit shirts better, but I think I will need to lose another 25 pounds before I can easily fit into most of my t-shirts, and maybe 50 to go one t-shirt size down.  (It looks like I actually hung onto a few of those shirts.  I don't think I've been able to wear them for 10 years!)  The last thing I did was to buy a reclining chair for the deck and had to carry it home.  So it was kind of an exhausting day.  Fortunately, I don't have quite as much planned for tomorrow.

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