Monday, June 25, 2018


I wasn't that busy this weekend with the postering, seeing that it rained quite a bit both days.  But the previous weekend I had gone around and made sure that we had posters indoors.  I managed to get posters inside the Paper/Danforth library branch and the Jones library branch.  There is a large poster up at Matty Eckler of course.  Also, I left a mid-sized poster at Queen Books and a fairly large stack of postcards.

Then I put the mid-sized poster on a bunch of community boards, most of them near TTC stops.  (In this photo, you can also see the postcard for Gruesome Playground Injuries, which runs this weekend.  I think I'll try to get to that.)

These had largely held up through the week.  Given that it did rain so much, it's probably time to replace them over this week.  Also, now that Fringe is really getting close, it's time to place the rest of the large posters.  I need to find at least one business on Danforth, on Gerrard and on Queen to take one.  (I'm going to check in with Circus Books on Danforth and maybe the cycle shop.)  I also should see if Red Sandcastle will take some postcards in exchange for a shout out to their show(s) during Fringe week.

Speaking of a shout out, we are partnering with Unspoken Theatre -- one of the other groups putting on a Fringe show on the East Side -- to promote a Sat. double feature.  First come see Final Exam at 4!  Our show will wrap around 4:45, giving you plenty of time to mosey on down to Queen St. for one of the many fine dining options, then see Kitchen Sink Drama at 7:30.  Make sure to leave some room for snacks!  More info here.

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