Sunday, June 11, 2017

Green Thumb Weekend

It was a nice weekend, if a bit on the hot side.

I took my son to the AGO to check out the O'Keeffe exhibit.  He liked it, though I wouldn't say he was blown away by it.  We did see where they had moved* the big Moore piece to the Grange Park behind the museum.  I am a bit miffed that basically the entire Grange Park is off limits. They really need to reopen it soon.

Then I found out there was another problem with my bike, so I wasn't getting it back on Sat.  That was unfortunate, and it basically reordered my whole Sunday.  Sat. evening was spent at TCR Writers' Group, and I'm still processing what I heard there.

It was obvious even in the morning that Sunday was going to be a hot day.  So I got my daughter to help weed and clean up the front before I went and did the groceries.

The flowers that get rain are doing well, but the ones closer to the house (which is more sheltered from the rain) aren't coming up.

In general, the yard looks pretty good.  I'm glad most of the plants are perennials that I don't have to think too much about.  Two of the plants I bought last year are fine, but the lavender all died off (due to the drought conditions last year).

Anyway, my daughter really wanted to go see this open house, sort of in the neighbourhood, so I took her around 1:30.  Then we went to the mall and I signed up for the gym that opens there in another week or so, and we also bought a lavender plant for another box in the front.  Actually it is supposed to rain a fair bit this week, so maybe it will take root and do better than the ones from last year.  I also tried to fix up the fence a bit.  We should have done a bit more work in the back, but we were kind of exhausted by that point.  (I should also mention that the pollen seems particularly high and my allergies, though minor, are flaring up.)

In the evening, I decided to go see The Lavender Railroad, which is sort of a SF play where homosexuality has been outlawed across the globe and is punishable by death!  There are two conversations (really more like cat and mouse games) about whether the Lavender Railroad will rescue the individuals from their fates.  It was pretty repetitive, and I can't help but think the script could have used a good dose of tough love, like I got last night.**  I was a little annoyed that the author wasn't there, since I had considered casting him in a part of my night of shorts (and thus wanted to talk to him), but the more I think about it, the more I think I might as well just cut that piece, as I don't think it works all that well.  What I ought to do is dig up the tape recording where it was read in Chicago and just digitize this.  I guess it was apropos that I was rereading PKD's The Man in the High Castle on the streetcar there and back, since this also was basically an alternative future story.

*I don't think anyone know what is going on the side where the Moore used to be, though I guess it will be something taller.  I hope it isn't one of the Caro pieces they were featuring inside, as those are pretty ugly.

** At the same time, it takes a lot of moxy and nerve to get anything produced nowadays, and I have to respect that.  I would say that I am a bit of a dilettante in that I get a bit discouraged when I hear that first no.  So far I am going further than I have before and plan to follow through.

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