Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sewing jag

It has been so hot these past few days that it has been difficult to sleep.  And I think my daughter may have actually had heat stroke this morning, so it looks like the next time it gets this hot, we'll have to turn on the AC.

Anyway, I spent a fair bit of time in the basement, trying to cool down, and I started to use the time to cut out the pieces for the Christmas quilt I promised my daughter.  She liked the Plus pattern the best, but unfortunately for me it involves a huge amount of cutting.  More than any of the other patterns I am considering, which take advantage of clever recycling of material so the actually cutting is relatively minimal.  It's taking me some time to get used to the cutting board and squaring up the material, but it's getting easier as I get used to it.  Also, as there is less material left on the bolt, so to speak, with each cut, it gets somewhat simpler.

I have most of the pieces cut for the first two rows and should finish that up tomorrow night.  I'll press the pieces flat (all of these quilts involve a fair bit of pressing the seams, and I assume I'll get the hang of it before too long).  And then see how it goes to sew the first two rows.  Then only 15 more rows to go!

I thought I was going a bit mad, as I couldn't find this reddish pattern with dogs on it.  After much searching, I realized that I had washed it and hung it to dry.  I had really wanted to make some pajamas with it and then only after would I cut the necessary squares.

I followed a fairly simple pattern off of the internet, but the problem is that my son is just a bit too big, so there wasn't enough material in the seat area.  I'm sure if I had really thought it through, I could have staggered the pattern to get enough material, but I tried to sort of cheat on the material and cut it very close indeed.  That meant that I got a bit lost in the pattern and sewed too far up the inseam.  Then I had to rip the seams out, but I think I got a bit lazy and stopped too short.  Nonetheless, the pajamas actually look pretty decent, but I don't think they will actually fit him.  (And trying to rip the seams a second time is basically impossible.)

But he is fairly skinny, so I'll have him try them on anyway, before I worry about hemming or adding elastic.  I suspect this is the last time I will try to make him clothing, but I might make some clothes for my daughter now and again.

Amazingly, they do fit since he has almost no butt (oh to be that young and thin...), so I'll see if I can get red or black elastic for the top and then hem the bottoms.  It shouldn't take more than another hour or so to knock these off.

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