Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More quilt updates (pt. 3)

The quilt is coming along fairly nicely.  I was able to integrate a few foxes and polar bears into the design. 

You can see the before (rows 4-6 here):

And then the after (rows 5-7 here):

I actually swapped the pink and yellow crosses, then made some other substitutions with the new fabrics (seen below).

I finished sewing the fourth row last night and cut out almost all the material for the 7th row.  The current plan is to stitch the rows together when I get the first six pieced together, which should be over the long weekend.  That would be just over a third of the top done, and I'll have a much better idea just how hard this will be but also how nice it all looks together.  After that, I'll just decide on whether to put on a border and how thick it should be.  A lot of work, but starting to feel worth it.

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