Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day 2018!

What a difference a year makes.  I was already grateful to be living in Toronto (well, not always during the winter) but things are truly upsetting just south of the border.  I certainly wasn't expecting the Fraudster to be sparking trade wards and trying to undermine NATO and the G7.  On the flip side, I am not super crazy about the direction that provincial politics are going, and indeed it is more than a little uncertain whether Trudeau will remain in power after 2019, though I suspect he has one more election win in him.  I've decided to start studying for the citizenship exam before things get even crazier.

On a lighter note, this list of names that Canada could have been named is pretty amusing.  Most are pretty bad, but Norland is ok.  I wouldn't mind being called a Norlander.

I don't have a ton planned for the day, though it would be nice to go somewhere air conditioned.  (Our AC is not working and is apparently irreparable according to the repair guy that looked it over last week!)  I'll probably try to wrap up a book for the 12th Canadian Challenge, which is kicking off today.  And of course, getting ready for my Fringe show...

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