Sunday, July 8, 2018

Upcoming Fringe schedule

It's a gorgeous day, so obviously I want to go spend most of it indoors at the Fringe.  Just joking.

I've basically figured out my Fringe schedule.  I really do have the Fringe bug this year; I'm sure this is due to the fact that I am so heavily promoting my own show but also want to see what others are up to.  I'll probably drop back down to a more normal 4 or 5 shows next year.  Anyway, I'd rather be out and about than sitting at home and fretting about reviews (and why they haven't posted yet...).

Sunday (8th)
Police Cops in Space 1:15 - Factory Mainspace (apparently a huge hit)
Josephine 3 - Randolph Theatre (I don't actually have tickets, so if it is sold out (as it appears to be), I'll just go to Nathan Phillips Square for the art show there.)
The Makeover Show 7:30 - Monsieur Barber Shop & Spa 

(nothing -- what's wrong with me?)

Flute Loops 6 - Helen Gardner Theatre (if I can sneak out of work a bit early)
Featherweight 8 - The Paddock (really looking forward to seeing Kat Letwin)

(stage managing Final Exam, so no time for anything else)

Sat. (14th)
Space Hippo noon - Randolph Theatre (a very lovely shadow puppet play)
The Ties That Bind 8 - Factory Theatre
Entrances and Exits 9:15 - Factory Theatre (another big hit at this year's Fringe)

Sun. (15th)
Entrances and Exits noon - Factory Theatre (I know, I know, but it is an improvised show, and Colin Mochrie is guest appearing!)
Paradise Lost 3:15 - Theatre Passe Muraille (poetry and puppets) 
Cluster F*cked 5:45 - Tarragon (not entirely sure about this one, as I may just be too beat, especially if I have to bike up the ridge to Tarragon) 

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