Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sex Odyssey at the Fringe

I really am about to run out the door to start my show, but I had a chance to catch 2018: A Sex Odyssey.  It was quite amusing.  I would describe it as Friends in Space (and indeed, there is a moment where some of the characters are catching a Friends rerun -- some things never change).  The plot, such as it is, is that Earth is in terrible danger, and the only remaining fertile humans are being shipped off to Mars to repopulate that planet.  We are watching 6 of them at the beginning of the nearly 2 year voyage to Mars.  More information here.

I would say the show has a very similar sensibility to ours, though with even more sex-crazed characters.  If you enjoyed our show, you would probably like this show, and hopefully vice versa.  I passed out a fair number of our postcards to my fellow attendees while waiting for the show to open.  On the way back home, I ran into Bakka Phoenix Books (Toronto's best and perhaps only SF/fantasy-themed bookstore).  I explained that I wanted to leave some postcards about our show, which had a science fiction theme, and they took all of them and put them front and centre on the desk in front of the cash register.  So a big thanks and shout out to them!

Now I really have to run.

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