Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Secrets, revealed

I saw Featherweight last night at the Paddock.  It was an intriguing show about how the Egyptian gods -- who used to weigh one's heart after death to decide if one was worthy or not to pass onto the Field of Reeds (or be entirely devoured) -- were now taking one's Internet browser history into account.  You can see the set of scales and the feather on the table, but the dead man's heart is still in his body at this point.

Nothing stayed secret from the gods, and our hapless protagonist was squirming as he had to justify some of his Reddit comments.  The show has been getting rave reviews and was sold out last night.  It might be a challenge to get tickets, but it is worth checking out if you can score tickets somehow.

Speaking of (nearly) sold out shows where secrets are revealed, there are only 5 seats left to Final Exam tonight (Wed.).  So thankful for everyone for coming out!  But don't worry, there is good availability for Thurs. and reasonable availability for the Friday and Saturday shows.  Hope to see you then!

I asked the cast a number of questions to get their take on what the show covers.  The actual questions were:

#1 Did you have a big secret (in high school or university) that you didn't want anyone to know?
    #1a Did the secret get out?
    #1b Do you still feel the same way, or does it not seem such a big deal now?
#2 If you could probe the mind of anyone, who would it be and what would you want to find out?

Here are some of the responses:

Brandon - I don't think I really have any dark secrets; I'm a pretty open book if people bother to ask.

Elizabeth -
#1. I can't think of any big secret I had, no.

#2. Maybe a boring answer, but I guess I would want to read the minds of people I'm going to audition for, so I would know exactly what they're looking for! I wouldn't want to read their minds AT the audition, that would be super distracting, but I would love that extra insight while preparing!

Veronica -
#1 Yes, I am a kinesthetic learner and excelled at extra curricular activities. Unfortunately, I would always be seen sleeping in class which made everyone think I was lazy.

#1a Yes, the secret got out when I had the opportunity to perform a Chinese Folk Dance during Heritage Month and International Day. I got a group of my classmates together to choreograph a dance, and they were surprised by my drive and passion.

#1b It was a big deal because I felt I slept through my whole school life and missed out on opportunities.

#2 I would probe my grandfather's mind because he was a famous 1950s Hong Kong comedian that passed away at 36. I would like to find out how his life was growing up as a child actor.

Feel free to add your own (former) secrets in the comments.  Happy hiving...

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