Saturday, April 15, 2017

AGO updates

Yesterday was pretty full and eventful.  And indeed I was more than a little sore, so after helping my daughter pack up Easter eggs for a neighbourhood Easter egg hunt, I basically crashed for the rest of the evening.  I didn't even get the laundry done, so I'll have to do that first thing in the morning (the washing machine is far too loud, so I can't run it at night).

It was just going on 10 am when I rode past the Ferry Terminal.  The lines were so long they spilled well outside the terminal.  I suspect it was a combination of it being a really nice day and there being some sort of Easter program on the Islands.  Anyway, I was glad I wasn't trying to take my family there.

At the Power Plant, I saw the Hupfield exhibit.  It was interesting how she used grey felt (sort of like Joseph Beuys) to make all kinds of things, like boots, a camera, a canoe and this light bulb.

Maria Hupfield, Bright Idea with Instructions, 2016

However, only a short while into the visit, I realized that this wasn't the exhibit that I had really wanted to see.  That is the Ydessa Hendeles solo exhibit, which opens June 24, and I should be able to see that a couple of times this summer.

I put in 3 hours at the office and then headed over to the AGO.  I was curious to see how it had been reorganized, since they said they were rehanging some of the main collection.  Indeed, three rooms they have been using for smaller exhibits is now given over to early 20th Century art (mostly European).  Going back to my checklist of missing paintings, quite a few have been installed in this room, including the Vuillard, Miro, Tanguy and the Kline (see below).  The Chagall is off in Paris.  I do miss the Tissot, so I hope it reappears soon.

Of the paintings on my list, I think the most notable one that hasn't been reinstalled is the Rothko, but I do wonder if it will be back soon (since the room they use to rotate through late 20th Century art was closed off for reinstallation).  I definitely liked what they had done with the three rooms (though they probably should adjust the lighting, since there is too much glare on the paintings).  There were a few paintings that I don't recall seeing before.  In general, there are still too many rooms at the AGO that are just being wasted in terms of not containing enough art (given how much is in storage), but it is a good start.

Pablo Picasso, The Soup, 1902-3

Willi Baumeister, Painter with Points, 1932-33

Maria Da Silva, Nocturnal Space, 1954

There was a big sign advertising the O'Keeffe exhibit, which opens next weekend.  I booked a ticket for the members' preview next Friday, but the earliest slot that was left was 7:30!  I'll probably just hit the exhibit quickly to get a sense of what I really like and then try to come back in a month when the crowds may be a bit more reasonable (perhaps).  I did see the catalogue in the gift shop, but even with the members' discount, it was a bit rich for my blood.

Then I went over to Robarts and dropped off a couple of books.  I wanted to go up into the stacks, but they seem to be down to a single elevator.  I waited a while and then just gave up.  This is a real problem, and they don't seem to be able to maintain their elevators.  Other parts of the University seem spruced up, but Robarts feels a bit shabby these days.

Anyway, that was more than enough to try to fit into one day, but at least I spent time outside while the weather was so nice.  Today I need to do grocery shopping, since it is the only day all weekend the store is open, and get to the library (ditto).  I'd like to laze around a little bit, but that probably isn't in the cards, especially if I end up helping out with the egg hunt.

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