Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter on the block

We had heard that our block goes a little gaga over Easter, but we had been away last year, so missed out.  This year we were in town and helped out with the preparations.  They actually are fairly elaborate.  One of the mothers enlists everyone to pack 100s of eggs.  Then on Sunday morning all the little kids are taken over to the school to play while the adults (and some of the older kids) hide the eggs, though given the huge number of eggs, scattering them on the lawns is a more appropriate description.

We had been worried about the weather, but actually the rain held off and it was a beautiful morning.  Some of the kids had apparently been up late the night before, putting rabbit tracks all over the neighbourhood.

Here are some of the lawns with eggs planted.

And here are the happy hunters.

The most intriguing aspect of the morning is that an adult in a rabbit costume turned up towards the end.  Last year, he (or she) was also there.  It apparently isn't one of the people living on the street, as the rabbit hopped into a taxi and took off.

Definitely an interesting mystery, and perhaps one I will explore in a short scene.

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