Friday, April 28, 2017

Disappointing Day

I guess it was just a bunch of small things that added up to the day being disappointing overall.  Maybe it is partly also feeling a bit at loose ends without a completely pressing deadline (though I'll probably wish I had the extra time back in a few more weeks...).  Anyway, it was a reasonably nice day but I stayed inside for lunch.  I did manage to leave at a halfway reasonable hour (5:45) but then I went to Robarts only to find that it closes at 6 on Fridays (I don't know if this is a year-round thing or just right now).  That was extremely frustrating, since I had biked out of my way to get there.

I guess I was able to see some of the cherry trees right near Robarts.  This is the last week that the cherry trees are really in blossom.  I'm debating going to High Park tomorrow to see them, but right now with the mood I am in I would pass.  I suppose it depends a bit on when the rain is supposed to come.  It will likely rain tomorrow and almost certainly on Sunday.

Then I found out that House of Anansi had run out of signed copies of John Lavery's novel Sandra Beck.  I thought it was a bit surprising they had them in the first place; however, they were for sale on the website, but apparently they had misjudged the stock or something.  I'll probably be a bit more satisfied when the order arrives (I mostly was placing the order to get Dennis Lee's Heart Residence), but am somewhat bummed out now.

And maybe it isn't any of these reasons, but rather finding it difficult to make progress on my work (or really find ways to stage it).  I was hoping to have heard back from Sing-for-your-Supper by now, and just in general I feel like it is difficult to get (and stay) connected to actors and artists, or at least without having a production deal in place.  To some extent, I just take a single rejection and move onto something else, whereas if I was a serious artist I would refuse to take no for an answer.  I will ponder this for a while to see if it something I really need to change, but for now I think I will just take a break from what was an inexplicably disappointing day.

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