Friday, April 28, 2017

Plastic pants

I don't normally comment on style trends, but this one caught my attention.  Inspired by the "success" of jeans with plastic windows at the knees, TopShop is apparently selling jeans made entirely of transparent plastic.  There's a bit of a story here.

While this sort of thing goes over on the fashion runways, I doubt very much we'll see it that often in real life.  Though I suppose if some pop singer wears it, some of her fans will as well.  They might be seen (as it were) once or twice in the wild in New York City.  If I actually do spy anyone wearing these jeans, I'll circle back and update this post.

The real reason I find this interesting is that when I was in 5th grade, I wrote a one or two page story about coming home and finding that all my clothes had been replaced by clear plastic.  I don't think this was inspired by a dream (though this sort of thing certainly happens in dreams), but it is far too long ago for me to remember clearly.  I do recall that I ended up reading it in class (again, whether I volunteered or was called on is opaque to me now), and about halfway through I realized that this was an early example of oversharing.  I did get through it somehow, perhaps adding a twist about how I found my original clothes.  This was an important moment in my imposing a filter on my thoughts (not that my filters have always saved me...).  Anyway, it was a bit of a shock, seeing this fantasy come to life as it were.

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