Sunday, April 30, 2017

Doubling Your Pleasure

It kind of goes without saying that rock bands can use a solid gimmick to get attention, at least at first.  I'm just back from the event at the Yorkville Library (where I saw two Beckett books on the shelves but there was no way to check them out -- darn it).  The first act was a completely electronic act called Castle If.  Her gimmick, at least for now, is that she brings plants to her gigs and plays for them as well as for the human audience.  She was good, but I didn't quite feel inspired to buy her download.

The second act was Tasseomancy, which is basically a pair of twins making music.  One pretty much just sings, while the other plays bass or guitar (switching between songs) and singing backup occasionally. I will say that they could certainly sing in harmony.  (There is a third guy who handled keyboards and drums, but I don't know if he is an official member of the group.)  They aren't exactly unique (here are some other bands with twin members), but it's still pretty rare.  Anyway, it was an interesting show and high quality, considering it was free.

When I got back, I found that my piece "Double Suicide" had been accepted for Sing-for-Your-Supper.  Sweet!  This is probably going to be at the Tarragon Studio space next Monday, but this has yet to be confirmed.  I'm still pleased, as it is always a bit of a rush to see your work on stage.  It also gives me a bit of a confidence boost that I can write meaningful dialogue (in this case it was moderately more serious than most of the pieces I have written).  Perhaps I should take this as a sign that I really ought to try to rewrite Corporate Codes and get it in to this other company.  I have just over a week to do that.  I think that means cutting one scene in the first act and overhauling the second act considerably.

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