Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marisol and Buffalo

I came across this interesting piece of news yesterday: the pop artist Marisol has left her entire estate to the Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo.  (Another version of the news here.)  This will definitely make it an important research center for those interested in her work, and I assume that in the near future they will put on a big show centered on her donation.  (While it sounds like that would happen after the museum expansion is completed in 2021(!), I hope they put on a show sooner than that, so we aren't left hanging.)  Apparently, she was eternally grateful that the Albright-Knox was the first museum to collect her work (The Generals), and she has repaid them handsomely.  I'm don't think I've seen this work or the other sculpture they own (Baby Girl), though I suspect they'll try to find a way to put one of them on display in the very near term.

I would definitely travel down for a Marisol show.  I do try to make it to the Albright-Knox roughly once a year, though the upcoming exhibits aren't exactly calling to me.  I'll check again in the fall.  I did check on-line, and, as of yesterday, the Max Beckmann painting, Hotel Lobby, still hasn't been reinstalled.  (I'm really hankering to see it again.)  Maybe if they do double or triple their exhibition space, they can keep more of these masterworks on display. Here's hoping.

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